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Sunflower Moissanite Earring Studs
Sunflower Moissanite Earring Studs
Sunflower Moissanite Earring Studs
Sunflower Moissanite Earring Studs

Sunflower Moissanite Earring Studs

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Silver Sunflower Moissanite Earring Studs | Sunflower Star Round Cut Moissanite Studs | 1ct+1ct  Moissanite Earrings With Certificate

Elegant & Classy Moissanite Diamond Earrings set in 925 Sterling Silver.

》Moissanite Stone Details《

Color Grade: D color (Colorless)
Clarity Grade: VVS1
Shape and Cutting Style: Round Brilliant - 8 Hearts 8 Arrows

Moissanite Stone Sizes: 0.5ct - 3.0ct 5mm to 9mm

The pictures show 1ct+1ct Moissanite Studs

》More about Moissanite 《

Moissanite Refractive Index: 2.65-2.69 2.42
Moissanite Dispersion: 0.104 0.044
Moissanite Luster: 20.40% 17.20%
Moissanite Hardness on Moh's Scale: 9.25 of 10 (Higher than Sapphire | less than Diamond)
Durability: Tougher Than Diamond, Impervious to Heat & Chemic

Every Moissanite over 5mm comes with an Authentic Certificate and Brilliance Guarantee!

Classy Design - Excellent Quality

These Classic Earring Studs are handmade.
Every Moissanite is handpicked and first has to pass many quality standards before we use them to make jewelry.

The small size is perfect for everyday wear.
The big size is great to stand out and awe your friends.
A true beauty and must have! Great gift idea!
Sweet, simple, and dainty earring. Perfect for a minimalist look.

》Packaging 《

All jewelry is packed by us in an elegant Gift Box.
Personalized gifting options available. Just contact us/

》How we ship《

- Orders are shipped the Next day or within 3 business days

- United States delivery will take 3-10 Days after Shipment.

- Other countries delivery will take 5-15 Days after Shipment.

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