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Top 6 Types of Fancy Colored Moissanite

Moissanite is a popular diamond alternative because of its stunning sparkle and scratch-resisting properties.
But few people know moissanite also comes in colorful fancy vivid colors. What colors do moissanite come in?

Here are the most popular moissanite colors.

1. Pink Moissanite 

Pink moissanite is a great choice if you want to get the effect of a pink diamond for a reasonable price. Although closely resembling pink diamonds in many aspects, the color of the pink moissanite is more intense. The most popular pink moissanite cuts are round, cushion and crushed ice cushion.

fancy pink moissanite

2. Fancy Yellow Moissanite

This is a absolutely stunning color choice. The yellow color comes through cultivation, not coating, making this yellow moissanite not only a beauty throughout but also resistant to high heat. This is a great yellow diamond alternative and a great choice for pendant necklaces and stud earrings. The most popular yellow moissanite cuts are cushion, princess, and radiant.
Fancy Vivid Yellow Moissanite

3. Champagne Moissanite

Champagne Moissanite ranges in color from a more brownish tone up to a rich golden color. Popular cuts include princess, square-radiant, and radiant cuts.

Champagne golden moissanite
4. Green Moissanite

A scratch resistant and affordable alternative to emeralds and green tourmaline. Green moissanite comes in different hues ranging from light and olive green to a deep grass and emerald color. The most popular cut of course is the emerald cut but round cuts are also very sought after. It is a great choice for making earrings and rings.

dark green moissanite

5. Grey Moissanite

Grey Moissanite is the underdog of the moissanite. Neglected for many years it is rising in demand and popularity in recent time and is a stylish choice for rings as well as necklaces.

grey moissanite

6. Blue Moissanite

Blue moissanite ranges from light blue colors like a London blue topaz and dark blue like the deep ocean. 

light blue moissanite

What are your favorite colors? We personally like every color but love to work the most with pink and yellow moissanite.

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