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Heart Halo Moissanite Ring 925 Silver

Heart Halo Moissanite Ring 925 Silver

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Moissanite Stone Quality: D colorless, FL-VVS1
Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver

Each Moissanite gem is carefully hand-picked with a strict attention to color,  clarity,  & polish.  Each Moissanite is carefully cut and faceted to maximize each stone's brilliance. 


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Our Moissanite Jewelry is all handmade. After your order our craftsman will select the best White Gold and the most brilliant Moissanite to prepare your ring. Crafting and shipping takes a total of 7-14 days!



Facts about Moissanite




On the Mohs scale, moissanite scores a 9.25, a very good score that makes it one of the hardest substances on earth, and very suitable for everyday wear as an engagement ring.




Moissanite exhibit a different kind of brilliance than diamonds do, as their faceting pattern is different. The fiery, rainbow flashes emitted by moissanite are beloved by some, but others feel that moissanite’s heightened brilliance can create a “disco ball” effect, especially in sunlight. The bigger the moissanite, the more likely it is that the difference will be noticeable. Moissanite has a refractive index from 2.65 – 2.69, which is higher than a diamond




For the same size from the top view, moissanite are dramatically lower in pricing than diamonds of that size. Moissanite gems typically vary in price only based on size and whether the stone is Premium or Super Premium.




Because moissanite are lab created, they are an appealing option for those seeking an eco-conscious gemstone as they require no mining.

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